Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 4 - Soap Flakes

Last night we almost had a disaster, when a certain overzealous dishwasher dumped a mug of soaking almonds into the hot soapy water. After fishing most of them out, counting them, and washing them several times, I decided that they were very clean yet still good enough to eat. I made some almond milk with a dash of Italian sea salt, and it frothed up pretty well in the blender and I hope not from the soap. It tasted pretty good over the corn flakes from partner Arlene, with some pomegranate seeds from partner Alex and tea from partner Otto.
I don't know how people eat these flakes in the morning. I was hungry about ten minutes later. So for a mid-morning snack, I enjoyed the last of the rice medley with a bit of the dressing from Alex, mache and red onion from the garden and some fresh vegetable broth with a touch of sea salt and some dried parsley.

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