Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2 - I can Buy Something!

I marched off to the supermarket with a fistful of cash, a whole $1.66 to drool around with. I had my eye on a potato sale at Ralph's. I almost didn't know where to look, since I hadn't been in the store for over a year and they did a complete renovation. It looked pretty nice and I am sure they will save on energy used to light up the place.
I bought a 10 pound bag of Idaho potatoes for 99 cents. While I was at the store, I checked a couple of other prices, and ended up in the packaged potato aisle. Turns out for the amount of money I spent on my spuds, I could have purchased half a package of Betty Crocker dehydrated potato dish. Who can afford to buy this stuff? I also ran into a trading partner, which is always nice.
Here's what I had for lunch:
Lettuce with garden radishes, snow peas and parsley, topped with rice salad made with the olive oil dressing, beet and parsley, and of course, my favorite olive brine. I had a few homegrown sunflower seeds, washed down with grape and lime juice from Danielle and Matthew. For dessert, I had a tootsie pop from partner Paula.

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