Thursday, August 6, 2009

August exceptions

Fish. Rice. Cinnamon.
I could go on no longer without the cinnamon, now that apple season is here. So, to celebrate, I whipped up a batch of fake dried apples out of an overgrown yellow crookneck squash. I just peeled the squash and took out the seed area (mine was old enough to just start being a seed cavity), sliced it up and dipped the slices into a mixture of honey, water and cinnamon and put them in the dehydrator.
Can't wait to try them in a mock apple pie recipe. Of course, the crust has to be made with amaranth, so I guess I should call it a mock apple mock pie creation. I harvested two varieties of amaranth today, and also a bushel of flour corn. The corn won't be fully dry for a week, and who knows how much I will yield. At least it was a better crop than last year. Some of the nicest ears were totally eaten by animals, so I have mostly the smaller ears.

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  1. Chard Lady,

    Thank you for the nice comment. I noticed that you are a member of the Locavore group...I am waiting for Kris and Jo to return from out of town and when they do, I'll finish my article on their Eat Local One Year project. The basis for the article is to help document where the project is after 6-7 months of experience. I plan to do a follow up in January on how participants viewed the year-long project, its successes, etc.

    Can I quite you (as Chard Lady) in this article and put a hyperlink in the article to this blog? Send me an email at if yes, and let me know. I'll send you a copy of the draft article once I get your email so you can see where I'm going with the blog post! - Randy