Friday, February 18, 2011

Urban Bumstead

I just heard that "that family in Pasadena" has trademarked some of the names and phrases to describe a place that is sort of like a city backyard, only there is a worm bin installed in the bbq grill.
And, this family has been trying to get others to stop using their name, since I guess they peed on it first, way back when, when Al Gore and I were inventing the internet.
It is a sad day in Mudville. I remember the good old days when trading partners were trading partners and it wasn't like, you know, some people at work.
I'm sure all you long-time readers remember my English teacher, Jim. He's the first hippie person I knew to have that kind of place that is located in the inner city but has chickens and a veggie garden. That was in 1972.
Oh ya, and my Dad, but I only remember back to the early 60's or so. We didn't have chickens, but our next-door neighbor did. We got first dibs on the manure, though. I guess those were the good old days, back in the days when manure was slung onto gardens.


  1. Does language (or copyright, for that matter) really have the power to ruin an idea? I hope not.

  2. Hi Jenn! I don't believe that it can ruin an idea, but it sure can shut down a conversation. I sure don't think that, even as a "non-profit" blogger, I should have to give a nod to some institute because a Mr. Bumstead claims he came up with all these concepts when in fact they have been around for years.